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Frisco bakery racks up picture-perfect treats and BYOB cookie parties

Frisco bakery racks up picture-perfect treats and BYOB cookie parties

Cookie Rack
Who wouldn't love some Facebook cookies? Photo courtesy of Cookie Rack

Not since the days of Mrs. Fields has there been cookie news this big: Cookie Rack, a new bakery specializing in decorated and over-the-top cookies, is opening in Frisco in a new center at 2552 Stonebrook Pkwy. from a one-time stay-at-home mom with a knack for baking cookies.

Owner-founder Christie Halverson always baked cookies and spent years tweaking and perfecting her recipes. She started doing decorated and "logo" cookies as a sideline, and witnessed a big demand.

"For the past two years, I've been doing custom cookies, and I have not stopped since," she says. "A huge part has been custom-order cookies, and I've never had to go looking, even without the storefront open yet, we get a couple requests a day."

One key to her success is that she stresses quality and freshness.

"I make it harder on us because I will not give a customer a cookie that's been sitting out for three days," she says. "A decorated cookie has to sit overnight because the icing needs to set, but we make them the day before they're going to be eaten."

When her three kids started to leave the nest, she decided to fulfill a fantasy to open her own bakery, where she'll have cookies, coffee, and unusual sodas. She expects to be open in early November.

"But our shop is different from a traditional bakery," she says. "You can have a cup of coffee and work on wifi, but we also offer cookie-decorating classes. You bring your beverage of choice and your friends, and we teach how to decorate royal icing cookies. That's a big part of what we do."

Her logo cookies are a big deal, as well. "I have an edible printer where we can print your logo on edible paper and attach it to a cookie with royal icing, those are incredibly popular," she says.

She also wants to serve as a community resource, with storytime on Saturday afternoons, where parents could bring in their kids and hang out and have a cookie.

They'll have about a dozen or so basic varieties and a couple of specials they rotate from week to week. But don't look for your typical chocolate chip. Their cookies have icing and other embellishments.

"Our cookies are an over-the-top type cookie — it's more like a cupcake, but in cookie form," she says.