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Saucy mag selects Dallas boîte as one of the best in the U.S.

Saucy mag selects Dallas boîte as one of the best in the U.S.

Bartender at Midnight Rambler
Playboy says the drinks at Midnight Rambler "inspire deep thoughts." Photo by Daniel Driensky

Maybe Playboy really is starting to be all about the articles. The noted men's magazine is spiffing up its image with content that's less about the ladies and more about lifestyle. First up, its list of the 20 best new bars in America.

Not surprisingly, Dallas' cool, cavern-like Midnight Rambler is awarded "best subterranean bar," a sophisticated choice on a list that includes spots for foodies and patio lovers, along with what appears to be America's new favorite thing, the Tiki bar.

We've been touting Midnight Rambler's eclectic vibe for a while now. It opened in late 2014, and rather than making a splash before quietly fading into obscurity, this bar just seems to keep getting better.

Says Playboy: "Beneath the Joule Hotel sits the animated rock-meets-deco Midnight Rambler, where the drinks — such as a Temple of the Moon (jasmine-infused pisco, pineapple, lime, Texas mineral water, nutmeg) or a digestif of Irish whiskey, cassis, and Ethiopian single-origin coffee — inspire deep thoughts."

Deep thoughts? Sure, probably along the lines of, "Is ordering the Hogo-A-Go-Go Punch for eight really a good idea?"

Also on the list is Houston bar Julep, honored as the "best Southern-accented bar," as well as a smattering of New York, California, Chicago, and Pacific Northwest spots. The big trend this year, it seems, is to evoke tropical breezes with Tiki-themed bars, as there are three on this list alone. We'll see if Dallas hops on that bandwagon any time soon.