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New cafe in Richardson opens with acclaimed coffee, pastry, and wine

New cafe in Richardson opens with acclaimed coffee, pastry, and wine

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Coffee is just the starting point. Staycation Cafe

Richardson gets an ultra-groovy new cafe with coffee and more: Called Staycation Cafe, it's opening November 22 in what has to be the most charming location: a cute little house at 201 S. Texas St., near Greenville Avenue and Main Street.

The shop is from Nicole Leia Gregory, who was most recently food & beverage manager at The Joule Dallas hotel.

"I was with Headington for about seven years, and helped to open Weekend Coffee and The Commissary," she says. "But I always thought about doing my own thing."

She has an entrepreneurial streak that was nurtured in her family, where they did things like bake their own bread.

"What I'm doing now pulls from some of the ways in which I grew up, finding satisfaction in the simpler things in life and having a space where you feel rejuvenated and at peace," she says. "That's something you get when you go on vacation, and that was part of the idea for the name."

She's transformed the sweet old house, originally built in the 40s, into a charming space, retaining the "old home" vibe, with comfortable couches and pale woods that make it feel warm yet chic.

The menu includes classic coffee and espresso drinks, plus baked goods from renowned bakers including pastry chef Keith Cedotal, whom she met when they worked together at the Joule (and who won CultureMap's 2018 Tastemaker Award for Best Pastry Chef), and Oren Salomon, founder of Starship Bagels, who will provide fresh bagels every day.

Her coffee beans are coming from Tweed, not only because they're local but because she loves their product, company values, and their overall approach to coffee and people.

"I admire their philosophy on beans where it's an entire relationship from the farmer to the cup," she says. "And I also love their coffee."

But she also may rotate in beans from respected vendors such as Victrola in Seattle.

For now, Staycation will be open from 7 am-2 pm, but once spring comes, it'll be open later in the day. Her ultimate vision is not just a coffee shop, she says.

"I've been trying not to label it specifically as a coffee place," she says. "We'll offer a couple sandwiches plus beer and wine in the evening. I always loved the idea of a concept that could transition from coffee to wine and beer."

"I wanted to have a space that not only had the morning vibe but also was a place to get a glass of wine at happy hour, to put out good vibes throughout the day," she says.