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New restaurant fires up rotisserie chicken trend in Southlake

New restaurant fires up rotisserie chicken trend in Southlake

Redrock Canyon Grill chicken
Redrock Canyon Grill puts rotisserie chicken on a pedestal. Photo courtesy of Redrock Canyon Grill

The incipient rotisserie chicken trend will hit Southlake in early 2016 with the arrival of the first Texas branch of Redrock Canyon Grill. This Oklahoma-based restaurant chain specializes in rotisserie chicken and Southwestern food. A company spokesman said the restaurant would open in late February or early March.

The first Redrock Canyon Grill opened in 1999. There are currently three branches in Tulsa; Oklahoma City; and Wichita, Kansas. Redrock is part of the Hal Smith Restaurant Group, which owns a wide-ranging lineup of casual to upscale restaurant concepts. Its flagship restaurant is Charleston's Restaurant, with more than 16 locations, primarily in the Midwest, including one in Fort Worth.

HSRG also operates about a dozen other eateries under such names as Mahogany Prime Steakhouse, Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza, Hefner Grill, Mama Roja, Louie's, The Garage, Toby Keith's, KD’s Southern Cuisine, Pub W, and Big Dog Daddy’s Ice House.

Redrock observes a certain economy to its menu, with recurring ingredients. The main thing is rotisserie chicken, served with redskin mashed potatoes and sweet glazed carrots. Everything comes with redskin mashed potatoes and sweet glazed carrots. You can get rotisserie chicken solo or in pairings with beef tenderloin or St. Louis barbecue ribs.

Salads include a Texas "Chop House" rotisserie chicken salad and an emerald kale salad with rotisserie chicken. Starters include the "famous" iron-skillet cornbread for $7. Huh, Black Eyed Pea and Dixie House serve cornbread for free. However, they do not serve theirs in a wee iron skillet.

Other Redrock entrees include meatloaf, chicken enchiladas, those St. Louis barbecue ribs, pork chops, a vegetable platter with couscous, sliced tenderloin, ribeye steak, and smoked salmon. Prices run from $15-$30. And in exciting news, there is brunch, with a slightly expanded menu that also includes an omelet and a quiche.

Redrock describes its atmosphere as "hacienda-style," accented with stone-cut walls, deep mahogany beams, and an open kitchen. It's going into a new-ish shopping strip center in Southlake that also includes a BJ's Brewhouse and the PGA Tour superstore.