Wine Powers Combine

Wine Therapist teams up with Bodega Bar at new Lakewood location for grape domination

Wine Therapist teams up with Bodega Bar at new Lakewood location

Wine poured in glasses
The Wine Therapist is teaming up with Bodega Bar at its new space in Lakewood.

For nine years, the Wine Therapist in Lakewood acted as a salve for drinkers needing to unwind with a glass of Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon. But when the landlord more than doubled the rent, owner Phillip Nikpour decided to pack up and move.

Fortunately for him and his customers, he only had to go across the street. It's still on the corner of La Vista and Skillman, but now the Wine Therapist is in the space previously occupied by Lakewood Consignment.

“There were all sorts of changes in leases and new owners,” Nikpour says. “It’s a trend all over town; it’s a generational change of wealth. All new sorts of companies are buying up and increasing rent and wanting to put up restaurants. I don’t know what they’re going to do with the space.”

“We’re going to be one of the best small wine bars and retailers in town,” owner Philip Nikpour says.

Since moving in early November, Nikpour has been working to create a new Wine Therapist for his customers.

The biggest news is that Nikpour is teaming up with Amier Taherzadeh of the former Bodega Bar for the new space. They haven’t decided on an official name, but they are considering Bodega Wine Therapy or Wine Therapist & Bodega.

“Amier is really known for tracking down the best wines in the world,” Nikpour says. “He’s one of Dallas’ finest rare wine purveyors. It’s been a pleasure to be joining forces with him.”

The new space is about 80 percent done, according to Nikpour. The pair is currently doing the renovation themselves and are working to complete an upstairs loft that will overlook the main bar downstairs. The whole space will have a Spanish style that carries over from Taherzadeh’s Bodega concept.

For now, the space is open beginning at 6 pm, but Nikpour says they hope to have a grand opening by mid-January to celebrate the completed space. The loft should take another week or two to complete.

In the meantime, the pair will be hosting live music and art shows, including the first art exhibit on December 20 with local artist Jim Lively, who is using wine-infused paint for his pieces.

Nikpour says that they have three five-year leases for the new space, and working with the Dines family as landlords has been a positive experience. “They have a great tenant-landlord relationship,” he says. “We’re very happy to be with them.”

Though the new space is smaller and cozier, according to Nikpour, he says that the combination with Taherzadeh will make them a formidable player in the Dallas wine scene.

“Once we get rolling, I think it’s going to get really busy,” Nikpour says. “I have such a great clientele from last nine years, and with Amier’s clientele and passion for wine, we’re going to be one of the best small wine bars and retailers in town.”