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Pizza food truck finds true love with dynamite location in Dallas' West End

Pizza food truck finds true love with location in Dallas' West End

Tutta's Pizza in Dallas
Tutta's Pizza makes the jump that every food truck dreams of. Tutta's Pizza/Facebook

Food truck dreams come true when Tutta's Pizza makes the big step from mobile dining to a real-live restaurant, in Dallas' upwardly trending West End.

Owner Jeremy Scott snapped up the spot at 1710 N. Market St., in what used to be the Dick's Last Resort space, a large space with an enviable patio. A former techie who launched Tutta's in 2012, Scott says that the pizza at Tutta's is not your typical pizza.

"You won't get your typical Italian sausage, ham, and Canadian bacon," he says. "We have brisket, smoked buffalo, pork, and chicken. We do smoked meat pizzas. Our flagship pizza has pulled pork, bacon, mozzarella, and barbecue sauce. Although we do offer pepperoni, if you’re not feeling that adventurous."

Another one of his pizzas has arugula with white truffle oil, candied pecans, pears, and Gorgonzola cheese. And for his dough, he uses flour imported from Italy.

With the step up to a restaurant, he also plans to expand the menu.

"On the current menu, we only do pizzas and salads, but we'll be adding some things, including chicken wings," he says. "But ours are baked instead of deep fried, and we have a serrano ranch dressing. We'll expand our salad menu, and add sandwiches, with bread we bake ourselves. If we do our pizza dough every day, why not do our bread?"

He'll expand the dessert menu beyond their signature stromboli dessert, and there'll be a full bar with cocktails, including syrups made in-house.

The space is getting a renovation, including a custom bar with a concrete top that matches the flooring, and an open kitchen. Tentative timetable for opening: early February.

In addition to food, there'll be live music.

"I'm a musician and want to have a stage for live music and comedy nights," Scott says. "My business partner's son is an up-and-coming comedian. We'll also have excellent coffee. I want to have a place I would like to go."