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Vintage Tex-Mex restaurant brings Beverly Hills elan to Uptown Dallas

Vintage Tex-Mex restaurant brings Beverly Hills elan to Uptown Dallas

An old-school Tex-Mex restaurant with a cool L.A. vibe is coming to Uptown Dallas. Called Las Palmas, it'll open on prime Uptown turf at 2708 Routh St., taking over the space previously occupied by Social House, which closed quietly in July.

Las Palmas comes from Sina and Pasha Heidari, of the famed Heidari family. If you've been around the Dallas restaurant scene for long, you know that his father Mohsen Heidari owns Arthur's steakhouse in Addison and St. Martin's on Lower Greenville Avenue. His uncle Al Heidari owns Old Warsaw. Pasha, his brother, has opened bars such as Kennedy Room and Bowen House and is partnering with Sam Wynne on Mike's Gemini Twin, a neighborhood bar opening in the Cedars district.

Sina was on his way to law school when the opportunity to take the space on Routh Street opened.

"I'd even gone through the process of taking my LSATs and had interned with a law firm for four months," he says. "I decided, I'm young, why not try this, and put law school on hold."

Besides, he and Pasha have a very clear vision for Las Palmas, of the quintessential Tex-Mex restaurant that any native of Dallas enjoyed growing up.

"We're going to do classic Tex-Mex with combination plates and fajitas that we make on a hickory grill," he says. "Maybe even a sizzling fajitas plate. And we want to have someone in the dining room making homemade tortillas."

"We're not reinventing the wheel," he says. "But we want to give it an ambience like nothing else in Dallas."

That means waiters in white shirts with black bow ties and aprons. It means cozy booths. It means a little bit of California flair.

"It’s going to be a very cool 1950's-style Tex-Mex restaurant with lots of cozy booths and a touch of Beverly Hills," he says. "Pasha and I are designing it together. The building itself is in great condition and comes with two patios. We're painting it pink — like the Beverly Hills Hotel — with gray trim, and we'll have a beautifully manicured landscape."

Unlike the Bowen House which is right nearby, Las Palmas won't do "craft" cocktails. "I'll work with Bowen House to get a nice menu of specialty drinks, but our main focus will be frozen margaritas," he says.

His target opening date is February 19, and there's one more key point: The price point will be low.

"I'm going back to my childhood, what we remember having growing up," he says. "We don't want the price to be prohibitive. We want people to come and enjoy themselves."