Relationship Status Update

Jacqueline Buckingham announces split from DMA's Maxwell L. Anderson via Facebook

Jacqueline Buckingham announces split from Maxwell L. Anderson

To the dismay of photographers everywhere, Jacqueline Buckingham will no longer adorn the arm of Maxwell L. Anderson at arts galas.

Buckingham reported the couple's divorce via Facebook on April 9, saying the pair is "moving forward with new vows as dedicated partners in parenting, committed champions of each other as individuals, and strong supporters of each other’s careers, dreams, and life’s work."

If that sounds like a double-dose of New Age relationship-speak to you, then you're one step ahead of Buckingham, who announces her forthcoming book on the subject two paragraphs later. Separating into Wholeness: Revolutionary Relationships & Evolutionary Families will detail her own divorce process. 

A former actress, Buckingham rose to prominence on Anderson's arm when he was the director of the Whitney Museum of American Art. As the New York Times puts it, "Jacqueline Buckingham Anderson used to set tongues wagging by wearing tight cat suits and feathered headdresses."

The timing of the Anderson's divorce announcement comes just five days before the Art Ball, the largest annual fundraiser for the Dallas Museum of Art

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Max and Jacqueline Anderson are getting divorced.  Photo via NUVO News