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Dallas police release chilling new details in ex-Mavs dancer's shooting rampage

Police release chilling new details in deadly Dallas shooting rampage

UPDATE: Dallas police have charged Erbie Bowser with capital murder and aggravated assault. He is being held on a combined $2.5 million bail for the deaths of Toya Smith, 43, and Tasmia Allen, 17. Capital murder charges in DeSoto are believed to be forthcoming.


Police have confirmed that the suspect in the August 7 deadly shooting rampage is Erbie Bowser, a 44-year-old former Dallas Mavs ManiAAC dancer. Bowser is suspected of killing four people and wounding four others in separate overnight shootings in Dallas and DeSoto.

All of the deceased are females, and at least one is believed to be Bowser's former lover. DeSoto police said Bowser did not have a prior criminal record of domestic abuse, but an affidavit in his divorce file shows Bowser had once threatened to kill his wife and children. 

 All of the deceased are females, and at least one is believed to be suspect Erbie Bowser's former lover. 

Dallas police Sgt. Warren Mitchell said the shooting spree began around 10:30 pm Tuesday night when Dallas officers responded to a call at 7106 Long Canyon Trail. When officers arrived, they found four gunshot victims, including two dead women — a 43-year-old and a 17-year-old. Two more teens were injured.

Bowser allegedly then fled to DeSoto. A child inside a home in the 100 block of Galleria Drive called 911 to report a shooting. 

Upon arrival, DeSoto police found four more gunshot victims, once again including two dead women. Two young boys, ages 11 and 13, were injured and taken to the hospital. 

After dodging questions about a grenade at a morning press conference, DeSoto police are now confirming the use of an explosive device. An officer said the walls inside the Galleria Drive home were knocked down, as well as a couple of windows.

Police say Bowser is not communicating with them and has asked to lie down during attempted interrogations. 
"I don't know if he is in a state right now where he can be cooperative or uncooperative," a DeSoto police officer said. "He does not wish to say anything to us right now." 
After being evaluated at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Bowser is en route to Lew Sterrett Jail in Dallas.
Erbie Bowser
Erbie Bowser is believed to have gone on a shooting rampage in Dallas and DeSoto. Erbie Bowser/Facebook
Erbie Bowser
Police confirmed the shooting suspect is Erbie Bowser, a former Mavs ManiAAC dancer. Erbie Bowser/Facebook