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Frisco police determine Dhawan couple's deaths were murder-suicide

Frisco police determine Dhawan couple's deaths were murder-suicide

Frisco police are calling the deaths of Sumeet and Pallavi Dhawan a murder-suicide. The couple's bodies were found September 3 at their home in the 15000 block of Mountain View Lane in the Hunter's Creek neighborhood.

The upscale home is the same location where 10-year-old Arnav Dhawan was found dead on January 29. His mother, Pallavi Dhawan, was charged with murder in a confusing case that involved a language barrier, Hindu religious customs and a rare brain condition.

According to police, Sumeet died of "blunt force head injuries." He also had sleeping pills in his system. Sumeet's death was ruled a homicide.

Pallavi drowned to death in an apparent suicide. Like her husband, she had ingested sleeping pills. Her body was found in the family's swimming pool and had no signs of trauma. Sumeet died inside the home. A note was found at the scene, but the contents have not been disclosed.

"The note is currently in possession of the Texas Department of Public Safety for analysis. Details of the note are not being released at this time pending the results of the analysis and examination," Frisco police said in a statement.

Through their attorney, Pallavi and Sumeet had previously denied that she had anything to do with Arnav's death. The Collin County Medical Examiner believed the cause of Arnav's death was natural, though the ruling wasn't definitive because his body had already started decomposing.

A grand jury investigation had recently begun in the case. Pallavi hadn't been indicted.

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Three members of the Dhawan family died at their Frisco home.