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Dallas Zoo's rare kitten, 10 cooking life hacks and more links we love right now

Dallas Zoo's rare kitten, 10 cooking life hacks and more links we love

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now.

1. Incredible food life hacks you need to know. The kitchen is arguably the most trafficked room in a home, though standing in front of your fridge furtively doesn't always produce the best results. The folks at Household Hacker have you covered with the food edition of the popular video series. Learn the best way to reheat pizza, boil an egg and open a jar. 

2. The 35 best times someone on Facebook thought The Onion was a real news site. We've all seen it happen before (and hopefully not first-hand). Someone reads a ridiculous headline on a parody news site and takes it as gospel. What do you mean wolf attacks aren't actually the leading cause of death in America? I thought that was an iron-clad statistic. 

3. Mars One applicant wants to have baby in space. Netherlands-based Mars One is looking for a few good men and women to send into space by 2023, never to return to Earth. The woman with the willing womb is named Maggie Duckworth, and that in itself is noteworthy. But even more interesting is the fact that she's willing to give birth in space "all in the name of science." Will Duckworth make the cut? She's currently in 6,564th place

4. Incredibly rare ocelot born at Dallas Zoo. This blue-eyed beauty may be the most rare cat in Texas. "Lindy" was born at the Dallas Zoo on June 26 as part of the Ocelot Species Survival Plan. It's estimated that there are only 50 of these small, spotted, secretive cats left in Texas.

5. Twin baby red pandas prove that two adorable creatures are always better than one. Two baby red pandas were born at the Detroit Zoo this summer. And they are impossibly adorable. Of course, this lone panda casually enjoying toast isn't half bad on his own.

Baby ocelot kitten at the Dallas Zoo
This rare ocelot kitten is turning heads in Dallas. Photo courtesy of Dallas Zoo
Will a baby be born on Mars in 2023? There's at least one willing womb.