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Dallas Indie Festival sets new headquarters at Bath House Cultural Center

Dallas Indie Fest sets new headquarters at Bath House

The Dallas Indie Festival has decided to make the Dallas part of its name ring true. This brand new film-arts-music festival, slated for June 2014, has decided on a new location: the Bath House Cultural Center.

The Art Deco-style Bath House Theater will serve as one of the film screening rooms, while the arts and music components will take place al fresco style overlooking the lake.

Bath House manager Marty Van Kleeck is excited to welcome Dallas Indie Festival. "We look forward to housing the event and feel it will be a great experience for all attendees," Kleeck says.

The festival was previously slated to take place in downtown Plano, with the Courtyard Theater as the main venue.

"We've gotten a tremendous amount of response from the artist and filmmaker community, says founder Adam Zoblotsky. "As our festival grows, in order to be able to compete as a destination festival, I have to allow for expandability. White Rock allows that. White rock Lake also happens to be a very important part of Dallas."

One of the things that the Bath House offers is an outdoor venue where Zoblotsky intends to host a series in the spring.

"We'll have a monthly spring 'film on the lake' series, where the community can come free of charge, bring out a blanket and sit on the lawn," he says. "We'll have bands playing monthly, and vendors."

During the festival, they'll show films in the Bath House theater as well as outside on the lawn on four day fest.

"The facility is great," Zoblotsky says. "They're supportive of the arts. It's an art place."

The festival runs from June 19 – June 22, 2014.

Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake in Dallas
Bath House Cultural Center will serve as world HQ for Dallas Indie Festival, coming in June 2014. Courtesy of Bath House Cultural Center