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America should embrace Bieber's low-crotch, high-fashion pants

Harem leggings
The French know how to rock a harem pant. Photo by Garance Dore
Justin Bieber
Harem leggings
Rachael Abrams headshot

Poor Justin Bieber. After being bashed for macking on a hot young Victoria's Secret model and leaving Selena Gomez behind, the superstar can't seem to catch a break. 

The latest reprimand? His affinity for harem pants. You know, the low-crotch pants. 

I understand the outcry — Americans are used to form-fitting pants, skin-tight leggings or just plain old trousers. But shouldn't we be more open-minded? They do it in France, so I say just go with it. 

 Americans are used to form-fitting pants, skin-tight leggings or just plain old trousers. But shouldn't we be more open-minded?

For the longest time I admired these loose-at-the-crotch-but skinny-at-the-ankle pants. I vividly remember walking around the Marais District in Paris and spotting two very French girls wearing black harem pants. They looked comfortable, put together and laid back — the kind of girl I wanted to be. 

But I knew back in Texas (and the U.S.) people hated these low-crotch pants, so I spent my paycheck elsewhere — even as I regretted not purchasing the black silk slouchy pants in that boutique.

A year later, I built the confidence to rock harem pants. My friend lent me a pair for a yoga class, and they were life-changing. Here's why:

  • They don't highlight my flat bottom — in fact, you can't see it at all. 
  • They don't ride up when you sit. 
  • They leave much to the imagination (and I'm a fan of mystery). 
  • They make all calves look skinny. 
  • They are super comfortable. 

Now, three pairs of harem pants later, I stand by Bieber. I get it. Lululemon gets it. The French get it. 

And they are definitely better than the anti-harem: the jegging. Come on, y'all. Let's give Bieber a break — at least on this one. 

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