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Bistro B spinoff rolls out fast-food Vietnamese on Greenville Avenue

Dumplings from Rollngo
Rollngo will serve dumplings and fast-food versions of Vietnamese food. Photo courtesy of Rollngo
Banh mi sandwiches at Rollngo will be three for $10. Photo courtesy of Rollngo
Rollngo will offer boba tea, here pictured with jelly squares. Photo courtesy of Rollngo
Dumplings from Rollngo

Greenville Avenue will soon be home to a novel concept that takes a fast-food approach to Vietnamese food. Called Rollngo, it comes from the owners of Bistro B, the sprawling, noisy Asian restaurant-deli-ice-cream-shop-egg-roll-factory just this side of Garland. It will open in mid-March.

Spokesman Nguyen Pham describes it as similar to Bistro B, but with a faster service mode and stronger focus on healthy dishes. It'll keep long hours, from 8 am to 10 pm.

 "Banh mi will be at a special price of three for $10. Egg rolls will be three for $1. You cannot go into a restaurant and get a price like that," says Rollngo spokesman Nguyen Pham.

"It'll be a place where workers in the area can grab Vietnamese and Asian to go," he says. "There'll be spring rolls, which everybody loves, and banh mi sandwiches. But it'll be at fast-food prices. Banh mi will be at a special price of three for $10. Egg rolls will be three for $1. You cannot go into a store or restaurant and get a price like that."

The spring rolls, described on the menu as "rice paper rolls," are filled with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, bean sprout, peanuts, shallot and vermicelli, with choice of pork, shrimp, or pork and shrimp. Fried egg rolls come with choice of chicken, pork or veggies. There will also be dumplings, plus boba tea, a suburban staple that's rare in Dallas proper.

"We observed the area and planned our restaurant accordingly," Pham says. "We wanted to be different from other people on the strip. We wanted to take what we do at Bistro B and build on that. We realized that we can present Asian food in a fast-paced way and still serve kick-ass dishes."

They took over what was previously an office space at 6110 Greenville Avenue (just south of Caruth Haven), and built a kitchen from ground up, at no small expense. Pham describes the atmosphere as "very hip, modern, white, clean. Our stuff is brand new," he says.

"There are restaurants further down the street, but where we've gone is mostly businesses with no restaurants in that area," he says. "We hope that will give us an audience."

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