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Did It for the Vegans

Hypnotic Donuts sells first vegan doughnuts in Dallas

Hypnotic Donuts in Dallas
Hypnotic Donuts succumbed to customer demands for vegan doughnuts. Photo courtesy of Hypnotic Donuts

Jumping on the latest hot dining trend, Hypnotic Donuts, Dallas' "extreme" doughnut shop, is now selling vegan doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. The doughnuts come in plain or chocolate glaze for $1.50. Cinnamon rolls will be available for $2.

According to a release, they had requests for vegan doughnuts even before they opened. Why they didn't start selling them when they opened, they do not say. But they do say that they knew this was something they wanted to provide the vegan community. They're doing it for the vegans.

The release says that they spent six months testing multiple recipes, and they understood that "sending people to Austin to get a vegan doughnut was not following their business model of supporting local." Austin has numerous vegan doughnut options, including the Gourdough's food truck and Red Rabbit Bakery, which supplies many local coffee shops and restaurants.

Hypnotic will sell the vegan doughnuts and cinnamon rolls on Mondays and Tuesdays. If "demand is in place" — i.e., if vegans get over there on the not-especially-convenient days of Monday and Tuesday and buy up a storm — Hypnotic will sell the doughnuts on additional days.

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