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Cool North Dallas shopping center adds quintessential Deep Ellum touch

Cool North Dallas shopping center adds quintessential Deep Ellum touch

The exterior of TreeHouse is its own form of art. Photo courtesy of TreeHouse

The Hill, which is the hip mixed-use development at the northeast corner of US-75 and Walnut Hill Lane, is getting a little hipper still thanks to a new collection of murals and artwork.

The center, which boasts the sustainable home improvement store TreeHouse, has enlisted five local artists to bring unique art to the shopping district.

A mix of one-of-a-kind murals and artwork, the art authenticates the property's commitment toward sustainability and brings a sense of community and creative culture to its outdoor spaces, pathways, and central courtyard area.

Five local artists have been chosen to add more than 25 murals:

  • Wheron. Will Heron, under the art alias Wheron, creates public street art and gallery exhibitions that reflect on his Dallas roots.
  • Haylee Yale Ryan. Haylee Ryan looks to the natural landscape for inspiration in her mural work. A native Texan, Haylee uses Dallas influences in her art, softening large architectural structures with organic, natural, and beautiful floral designs.
  • Drigo. A 22-year-old self-taught urban artist, Drigo creates contemporary murals that reference the connection between human beings and nature.
  • Dr. Gorilla. Known for his visual art translations, Dr. Gorilla (aka David Rodriguez) makes an impact with dynamic paintings filed with thought-provoking messages. His mural work at The Hill will be an expression of love, will, and perseverance.
  • Brennen Bechtol. Brennen Bechtol’s work is a fun and joyful experience playing upon the multiple meanings of words. Bechtol applies ecological awareness to his colorful work, leaving clues for the viewer to understand the double meaning behind the art.

The Hill is commissioning additional artists, bringing the collection to a total of 33 murals upon completion.

The phased mural installation will take several months to complete, and the public is encouraged to come explore The Hill and witness the live art installations.

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