Confidence is Key

Texas women say they're among sexiest in the U.S.

Texas women say they're among sexiest in the U.S.

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Texas women are among the most confident in the nation. Digital Vision, Getty Images

Texas women are feeling good — and it shows. In a new study from Pricenomics, more than 17,000 American women were asked a series of questions about self perception, and it appears the ladies of the Lone Star State are pretty confident. 

In an attempt to define "sexiness" and examine the traits that women found most sexy about themselves and others, Pricenomics asked self-defining women from ages 18-66 and across the sexual orientation rainbow questions including: 

  • What traits and characteristics do women find most sexy about themselves, and others?
  • How do these opinions vary across age, sexual orientation, relationship status, or body traits?
  • Does a history of being body shamed affect perceptions of sexiness?

The study found that 27 percent of Texas women answered yes to the question, "Do you consider yourself sexy?" This makes Texas women the No. 9 most confident behind the Florida (No. 1); Alaska (No. 2); Delaware (No. 3); New York (No. 4); Connecticut (No. 5); Nevada (No. 6); New Jersey (No. 7); and Illinois (No. 8). Coming in at No. 10, one spot behind Texas, is California. 

Among the least confident are women in Maine (No. 1); South Dakota (No. 2); Vermont (No. 3); West Virginia (No. 4); and Nebraska (No. 5).

Texas women also are less likely to respond "no" when asked if they are sexy. Only 9 percent of us say we never consider ourselves sexy. West Virginia has the highest number of women who responded "no" at 14 percent.

Another interesting trend was when in their lifetime women felt most sexy. Overwhelmingly, study respondents said they felt sexiest between the ages of 18-55, with that confidence dropping off both before 18 years old, and after 66.

Participants also said they felt most confident while in a casual relationship, a serious relationship, or an engagement. Married, single, and divorced women were less likely to feel sexy than their counterparts.