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Dallas drivers are about to see a big shift in downtown traffic

Dallas drivers are about to see a big shift in downtown traffic

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Drivers should prepare themselves for a major traffic change this weekend.

Downtown Dallas drivers, grip your steering wheel and keep your eyes on the road, as a key downtown freeway exchange will undergo a major traffic shift starting on February 27.

The shift is part of the "Horseshoe Project," the construction project by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to improve traffic flow through the heart of downtown Dallas.

The project includes the expansion, repaving, and addition of several new bridges and roadways along Interstates 30 and 35E, and the construction of the new Margaret McDermott Bridge over I-30.

The shift will begin on Saturday, February 27, and will create a new exit to northbound I-35E when complete.

Crews will begin working on opening a new ramp along westbound I-30 to access northbound I-35E at 10 pm. That will be completed by Sunday morning February 28.

It will result in a few changes to the way traffic will access northbound I-35E from the westbound I-30 main lanes.

To access the new ramp to northbound I-35E — which will be on the right side of the westbound I-30 main lanes — drivers will need to make sure they are in the two right lanes prior to Ervay Street. No slacking, no cutting!

When the traffic shift is complete, both northbound and southbound I-35E may be accessed using Exit 46-A, from the right-hand side of westbound I-30. Drivers who want to continue on westbound I-30 will still remain in the left lanes.

The Horseshoe Project started in April 2013 and is scheduled to be complete by summer 2017. Improvements also include the widening of I-30 and I-35E to a total of 23 lanes. That is nearly two dozen. Once completed, drivers should enjoy increased capacity and improved mobility through the heart of Dallas.

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