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Humble Pie Shop in East Dallas suffers destructive fire in kitchen

Humble Pie Shop in East Dallas suffers destructive fire in kitchen

fire Humble Pie
Fire at Humble Pie on Garland Road. Photo by Humble Pie

A pie shop in East Dallas caught fire on March 2: Humble Pie Shop, located at 9014 Garland Rd., suffered a fire in its kitchen, which neighbors said had a devastating effect, with black smoke that was visible for miles.

Firefighters responded to an emergency call that came in at approximately 4:15 pm on Wednesday.

There were no injuries, but the thick dark smoke could be seen straight across White Rock Lake.

Employees in the shopping center said they heard an explosion.

Maeleska Fletes, a nail therapist at Rocket Science Salon, witnessed the fire and said the kitchen looked to be "completely gone."

"I was in the back of the salon getting ready to leave and I heard a loud boom," Fletes said. "I went out front to see what it was and saw black bellowing smoke coming out of the back of the building. At first, I wasn't sure if it was Humble Pie or Suffer City. The owner of Suffer City was there and he went running in to check to make sure it wasn't his."

"I walked over to Humble Pie and looked in the window and could see flames through the window all the way in the back in the kitchen," she says. "I opened the door and hollered in if everyone was OK and the employees came running out."

Photos from Channel 11 show a large burned-out portion in the back of the pie shop, with an exposed interior and broken glass. The two businesses next to the Pie Shop included K9 Club, a dog grooming business which was closed but looked in photos like it had burning on its roof, and Suffer City, a tattoo shop.

It did, however, delay special services at White Rock United Methodist Church, just down the street on Old Gate Lane; March 2 was Ash Wednesday.

Owners Sean and Erin Jett opened Humble Pie in 2018 in a former barber shop. The pie shop had a dining room and counter in front, with all of its pies and equipment in a back room.

The couple was unavailable for comment but Sean said in a post that "food was a total loss. The fire was extensive."

The shop posted an update on its Facebook page:

"Please say prayers. This afternoon the pie shop caught fire. We don't know the extent of it, but all of the staff at our shop and all of the neighboring shops are safe. We will post more when we can."

And signed it, "Sean and Erin, The Humble Family."