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DART unveils new fares with friendly discounts for frequent riders

DART unveils new fares with friendly discounts for frequent riders

DART station in Plano
DART has some new fare deals. Photo courtesy of City of Plano

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is instituting a new fare structure that adds more options, some with real deals for riders, beginning August 18.

They're also going more far north than they've ever gone before.

Fare capping
DART is introducing the concept of "fare capping," where they cap off what you can spend in a day. This is for riders who use the GoPass mobile app or GoPass Tap card, who will never spend more than the total cost of a day pass — which is $6 — in a single day.

After spending a total of $6 on any one day, those riders won't be charged another fare until the following day.

If you purchase 16 day passes in a calendar month, you won't be charged another fare for the remainder of that month.

Other major changes to the DART fare structure include:

The Single Ride Pass has been brought back for bus only transit as a cash-only fare of $2.50.

Two-hour passes are gone, to be replaced by new A.M. and P.M. Passes. These are for riders who need to travel more than two hours but who don't need a full Day Pass. They're valid for unlimited trips on all DART buses and rail modes.

The Midday Pass, which is available for bus and rail travel between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm and has been offered for weekdays, is now offered on weekends as well.

High School passes, which are a reduced fare, available for bus and rail transit with a valid DART Service Area school ID card, have been extended to include weekends.

Daily fare capping begins on August 18. Monthly fare capping will begin on September 1 with both the GoPass app and the GoPass Tap card.

Additional information about the fare change, including a table of the new fares, is available on at DART.org/fares.

GoLink goes north
DART’s personalized shuttle service, GoLink, is debuting in a new far north area that previously had no transit service: the all-new Far North Plano zone covers an area bounded by State Highway 121, Custer Road, Spring Creek Parkway, and Ohio Drive. It'll debut on August 27 and will operate from 5 am-8 pm.

Trips may be booked by utilizing the new GoLink app or by calling 214-452-1827.