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Dallas ranks among 5 best places to be a freelancer

Dallas ranks among 5 best places to be a freelancer

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The freelance life is a good life in Dallas. Vessel Coworking/Facebook

Dallas is brimming with freelance talent — and for good reason. Not only is there freedom in working for yourself, a new study says Dallas is one of the best cities to do it.

NerdWallet looked at stats like affordability, percentage of self-employed workers, and cellphone coverage in the 50 most populous U.S. cities to determine the rankings. Dallas ranks No. 3.

Almost 6 percent of Dallasites are self-employed, and they're making a good wage. NerdWallet reports that self-employed locals make about $1,713 per month after taxes. 

"Dallas is the largest city on our list, but the median rent in 2014 was the second lowest of the top 10 cities," notes NerdWallet. The median rent here was $861 a month. The average health insurance premium here is $195, and the monthly cellphone cost is $84. Additionally, our cell coverage is 71 percent better than the national average.

It seems freelancers across the Lone Star State have it made, as four other Texas cities are in the top 20, including Austin, at No. 1.

"Freelancers living [in Austin] had the second-highest percentage (38 percent) of income left over after paying for housing, health insurance, and cellphone services," says the financial website. Self-employed folks there bring home $2,179 a month after taxes.

Fort Worth is the eighth best city for freelancers, followed by Houston (No. 15) and San Antonio (No. 19).