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JFK 50th anniversary tour traces Lee Harvey Oswald's steps through Dallas

JFK anniversary tour traces Lee Harvey Oswald's steps through Dallas

Ferd Kaufman, Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK assassination
Lee Harvey Oswald at the Dallas Police Department. Photo courtesy of Sixth Floor Museum
Lee Harvey's
Lee Harvey's will be the launch point for a tour centered on Lee Harvey Oswald. Photo courtesy of Lee Harvey's
Ferd Kaufman, Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK assassination
Lee Harvey's

With the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination looming, there are public events, film projects and now a funky guided tour. The Steps of Oswald Tour will follow the path of shooter Lee Harvey Oswald, but with a unique departure point: popular watering hole Lee Harvey's.

The tour, which takes place September 15, was hatched by Kaz Ferns, marketing manager for Lee Harvey's, who got the idea to initiate Dallas tours after a rather unsatisfactory one in New York.

"While I was up there, I spent $32 on this ridiculous tour of New York," she says. "I got off on the first stop and walked around Manhattan by myself. When I got back, it made me realize that people rarely do things in their own city. So I decided to get a tour thing rolling in Dallas."

She's not conducting the tours herself. "I know people who have expertise and enjoy doing tours," she says. "I was trying to think of something to do with Lee Harvey's."

The first city tour, which had a different theme, took place in August, with guide Freda Dillard, owner of DFW Historical Tours. Attendees met at the bar, had lunch and drinks as timing permitted, then boarded the bus for an afternoon tour.

This time the tour guide is Jerry Dealey, who has led similar Oswald-centric tours. "He's from that Dealey family," Ferns says. Dealey's great granduncle was George Bannerman Dealey, the founder of the Dallas Morning News, and for whom Dealey Plaza was named.

The tours, which Ferns aims to conduct monthly, are not officially affiliated with Lee Harvey's. But they echo the club's renegade spirit. Attendees can bring coolers, and part of the ritual is that they congregate at the club before leaving.

"It isn't a Lee Harvey's thing; it's just the meet-up and destination," Ferns says.

Tickets can be purchased through Prekindle. Price including tax is $29.50, and there's a limited number of tickets.