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The best cities in the world to start a career? Dallas is one.

The best cities in the world to start a career? Dallas is one.

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Starting your career? Dallas is the place for you. Photo courtesy of Dallas CVB

Good news for all you millennials flocking to Dallas: According to a new study, you're living in one of the best cities to start a career. Same goes for Houston and Austin.

Online marketing company HubSpot recently released its picks for the world's best cities to start your career, three of which are in Texas. HubSpot "scoured the web for studies, reports, and news stories" to determine the 12 favorites, presented in no particular order. 

Not only does Dallas boast tons of entry-level jobs, but it's a sought-after city for corporate headquarters and startups alike. HubSpot also champions Dallas' low cost of living, high salaries, and low unemployment rate. 

Houston garners big props for its starting salaries — the highest in the country when adjusted for cost of living — and strong job opportunities. Notes HubSpot, Houston was the first city to add more than two jobs for every one it lost after the economy crashed.

Austin's status as a top tech hub, combined with its relatively low cost of living and small business friendliness, make it a hot spot for kick-starting your career. Plus, "Austin's friendly, funky vibe might just be the cherry on top," says HubSpot. 

These Lone Star cities join such exotic locales as Amsterdam, Netherlands; Santiago, Chile; and Sydney, Australia on the esteemed list. Other U.S. cities on the list are Washington, D.C.; Denver, Colorado; Raleigh, North Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.