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Infamous Dallas highway ranks among most congested roads in Texas

Infamous Dallas highway ranks among most congested roads in Texas

Austin traffic highway I-35 congestion
Yep, I-35 is one of the most congested roadways in Texas. Courtesy photo

You are now free to complain about Dallas' terrible traffic: A new report from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) lists the most congested roadways in the state, and a Dallas stretch of I-35 ranks in the top five. 

The 100 Congested Roadways project tracks Texas' traffic hot spots "to illustrate the severity and extent of Texas' traffic congestion problem." Dallas' dreaded stretch of I-35 from State Highway 183 to Interstate 30 is the fifth most congested roadway in Texas. 

TxDot used the Texas Congestion Index (TCI) to demonstrate how long it takes to get somewhere during peak flow versus free flow times. On the Dallas stretch of I-35, a commute that should take about 30 minutes takes 55 minutes during rush hour. To adjust for the worst kind of rush hour traffic, TxDOT also calculated the Planning Time Index (PTI). According to that index, for the same 30-minute commute, you should plan to spend 98 minutes in the car.

The most congested roadway in Texas, however, is I-35 through downtown Austin. Drivers on that road should expect their 30-minute commute to take 75 minutes during rush hour. Talk about a long day.