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Rideshare company Lyft will pull its scooters off Dallas streets

Rideshare company Lyft will pull its scooters off Dallas streets

Lyft Scooters
Get a good look at them now because soon they shall be gone. Photo courtesy of Lyft

Dallas will have one less set of scooters in town. On November 22, rideshare company Lyft is pulling the plug on its scooter program, and will remove its scooters from city streets.

According to a spokesperson, the company initially imported 350 scooters in Dallas when it introduced the program in March 2019.

"We're grateful to our scooter riders in Dallas as well as our partners in Dallas city government," the spokesperson says. "We look forward to continuing to provide riders with other modes of reliable transportation."

Those other modes include its recent debut of eco-friendly hybrid rental cars for its drivers in Dallas-Fort Worth.

In addition to Dallas, Lyft will cease its scooter operations in five other markets: Atlanta, San Antonio, Phoenix, Columbus, and Nashville.

According to a Lyft spokesperson, the company is shifting resources, and focusing on other cities and markets where they'll have a bigger impact. Cities that will still have Lyft scooters include San Diego, Austin, Denver, LA, Miami, Minneapolis, Washington DC, and San Francisco. The cool cities.

Dallas has not always successfully wrapped its head around alternative modes of transportation, despite the benefits they bring. The city reacted like a cranky baby to bikesharing, rendering it obsolete, while its response to scooters has been more like an old man shaking his cane at kids on his lawn.

Scooter riders have also not always approached their rides by dutifully observing the ordinance against riding them on sidewalks, in city parks, and along trails.

The Dallas City Council nonetheless recently extended the city's scooter ordinance, and about 15,000 scooters remain in Dallas from companies that include Bird, Lime, Jump, Ojo, and Spin, according to NBCDFW.