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Here are the best and worst times to navigate Thanksgiving traffic in Dallas

The best and worst times to navigate Thanksgiving traffic in Dallas

Downtown Dallas skyline
If you're getting out of town on Thanksgiving weekend, leave early. Photo courtesy of Dallas Horseshoe Project

Thanksgiving and traffic go together like turkey and dressing. But lucky for us, Google has tips on how to avoid congestion on the road. The tech giant has mapped out the best and worst times to travel to and from Dallas this holiday, based on historical Google Maps traffic data.

To avoid traffic, leave early, according to Google. The best time to hit the road is Wednesday, November 22, at 3 am. If that's too early for you, Google suggests departing Dallas at 6 am on Thanksgiving Day. The very best time to return is Black Friday at 4 am, followed by Sunday, November 26, at 6 am. 

The worst day to depart is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, at 3 pm, while returning the Saturday after Thanksgiving at 4 pm is bound to put you smack-dab in heavy traffic.

Google also revealed the most frequently searched places in Google Maps for the Thanksgiving holiday period. In the Dallas area, they are:

  • Food and drink: American restaurant, liquor store, bar, sports bar, Indian restaurant
  • Shopping: Furniture store, shoe store, shopping center, department store, sporting goods store
  • Entertainment: Stadium, park, movie theater