Hit the Road at the Fair

State Fair 2015 wants to give fans a taste of the whole state of Texas

State Fair 2015 wants to give fans a taste of the whole state of Texas

2015 State Fair of Texas poster
The 2015 State Fair of Texas wants its fans to get to know all about the great state of Texas. Photo courtesy of State Fair of Texas

You still have six months before you can get your fill of fried food and carnival rides at the 2015 State Fair of Texas, running September 25-October 18, but this year's fair promises to take you all around the Lone Star State with the theme of Passport to Texas.

The official 2015 State Fair poster pays homage to every corner of the state, showing a worn suitcase and guitar case embellished with stickers from cities and towns like El Paso, Lubbock, Austin, Houston, Paris and even Saratoga; bonus points if you know where Saratoga is without looking it up.

The theme and poster are obviously designed to appeal to as wide a swath of Texans as possible, something in which State Fair officials take pride.

“Seeing friends and families come back year after year reminds us that the fair is more than just an annual event — it is an institution unique to the state of Texas that serves as one of the many special traditions our great state has to offer,” said State Fair of Texas president Mitchell Glieber in a statement.

To go along with the theme, the fair recently launched an #ExploreTexas campaign for fans to use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign will highlight travel destinations throughout the state, talking about their historical significance and cultural attractions they contain.

It's a way support travel and tourism within the state, with the hope that people will venture to different areas around Texas during their road trips to the fair.

The 2014 State Fair was deemed the most successful fair in the state's history, generating more than $42 million in coupon sales. No other new features for 2015 have been announced yet, but with half a year to go, there's still plenty of time.