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Price Is Right game show comes on down to Dallas in national tour

'Price Is Right' game show comes on down to Dallas in national tour

The Price Is Right Live
The show is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Photo courtesy of The Price is Right Live

Vintage game show The Price Is Right is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a coast-to-coast tour, and that tour includes Dallas — one of 50 stops where fans can possibly play games, win prizes, and enter for a chance to win $50,000.

Called "The Price Is Right Come on Down" tour, it's a mobile version of the game show on wheels, and the Dallas stop will be on April 7, from 12-4 pm, at West Village in Uptown. According to a spokesperson, it'll take place in an "outside area" in the West Village. Unsatisfying, but that's all they got, although there are probably really only two options: on the strip that runs next to the Magnolia (soon to become Violet Crown), or else on the strip that runs along Malai Kitchen.

The event is open to the public and there are no formal contestants. You just show up and elbow your way to the front to get your chance to spin the wheel and win prizes that support local business partners whose history has a tie to 1972, the year The Price is Right premiered.

In Dallas, those designated local businesses are Celebration restaurant and the Texas Theater. Although the Texas Theater has been around since 1931. The 1972 theme seems to be a little loosey goosey. But hey, it's OLD, just like The Price Is Right, and that should be enough.

The tour is also stopping in Los Angeles, Denver, New Orleans, Nashville, St. Louis, New York, and Cleveland, plus visiting landmarks such as the Route 66 sign, Gateway Arch, and the World's Largest Basket, which they're documenting on Instagram @TheRealPriceIsRight.

This is different from "The Price Is Right Live," a separate tour that hits arenas such as Texas Trust CU Theater, where it stopped in October 2021.

This mobile tour launched March 25 at the Santa Monica Pier and continues through May, as follows:

  • March 25: Los Angeles
  • April 1: Denver
  • April 7: Dallas
  • April 15: New Orleans
  • April 22: Nashville
  • April 28: St. Louis
  • May 6: Cleveland
  • May 18: New York

The Price Is Right premiered on September 4, 1972. Hosted by Drew Carey, it is network television's No. 1-rated daytime series and the longest-running game show in television history. It airs weekdays on CBS at 12 noon.