New study shows Dallas ranks near top for best cities for soccer fans

New study shows Dallas ranks near top for best cities for soccer fans

Fabian Castillo of FC Dallas
The accessibility and low ticket prices for FC Dallas are among the reasons why Dallas ranks high for best cities for soccer fans in the United States. FC Dallas/Facebook

While Dallas has its legions of fans for football, baseball, basketball and hockey, it's another sport that's making a big impact locally, as a new WalletHub study shows that Dallas is one of the top cities in the United States for soccer fans.

Out of 172 cities in the study, Dallas ranked No. 10. Of course, when they say "Dallas," we know they really mean Frisco, since that's where our MLS franchise, FC Dallas, is located. Among the metrics that factored into Dallas ranking so high was its No. 2 placement for lowest average ticket price for an MLS Game.

Also ranking relatively high at No. 28 was University Park, aka home of SMU soccer. Both the men's and women's soccer teams have been perennial contenders dating back decades, with the men's team getting as high as No. 1 in the country in 2006.

Other factors considered in the rankings were the performance of MLS teams in recent years, the number of college teams in the area, friendliness and engagement of MLS fans and accessibility of stadiums. In the general category of "teams and performance,: Dallas ranked No. 47, while "costs and fan engagement" was high at No. 13, resulting in the No. 10 ranking overall.

The other top 10 cities for soccer fans were Salt Lake City, Utah; Mansfield, Connecticut; Conway, South Carolina; Clemson, South Carolina; College Park, Maryland; Seattle, Washington; Kansas City, Missouri; Notre Dame, Indiana; and Washington, D.C.