A Tribute to a Monkee

Former Monkee Michael Nesmith gets lured back to Dallas with big award

Former Monkee Michael Nesmith gets lured back to Dallas with big award

Michael Nesmith
The Monkees' Michael Nesmith will receive the Ernie Kovacs Award from the Video Association of Dallas. Michael Nesmith/Facebook

It's been a Monkees-heavy year in Dallas so far, and it's about to get even more so as the Video Association of Dallas honors former Dallasite Michael Nesmith with the Ernie Kovacs Award on October 1, prior to Dallas VideoFest 29, which runs October 18-23.

Nesmith is being recognized for a career that spans more than 50 years, including acting, producing, songwriting, and his role with The Monkees band and 1960s TV show. Although Nesmith himself no longer tours with The Monkees, Nesmith's bandmates Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork have appeared twice in Dallas in 2016, once in June at the Winspear Opera House and again in August at the Bomb Factory.

Over the years, the Video Association of Dallas has recognized the careers and talents of multiple television visionaries with the Kovacs Award, including Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In creator George Schlatter, Joel Hodgson, Robert Smigel, Terry Gilliam, Harry Shearer, Chris Elliot and Bob Elliot, Martin Mull, and Mike Judge. The award is named for Kovacs because his work in the 1950s and early 1960s summed up the spirit of innovation and the development of the language of television art.

Along with appearing on The Monkees, Nesmith developed Pop Clips in 1980, a precursor to MTV, and his video “Cruisin” was Pop Clips' first video. He also won the first Grammy Award given for Video of the Year in 1981, for his hour-long Elephant Parts.

The award presentation takes place on Saturday, October 1, at The Kessler theater, and tickets can be purchased here