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Luxury sock brand draws on kids' creativity to help homeless families in Dallas

Luxury sock brand draws on kids' creativity to help homeless in Dallas

Vogel Alcove Deadsoxy socks
Fifty percent of profits go back to Vogel Alcove. Photo courtesy of Vogel Alcove

A Dallas company's partnership with a local charity is knock-your-socks-off sweet. Dallas-based luxury sock brand DeadSoxy has partnered with Vogel Alcove, an early childhood education center that works with homeless families, for three custom sock designs that benefit the organization. And they're created by the kids at Vogel Alcove.

Working with Vogel Alcove’s School Age program, DeadSoxy’s founder, Jason Simmons, held a contest that allowed school-age kids to design a sock and write a story about their design. More than 20 competing designs were whittled down to a top five, and finally, the three winners. The winning designs were then digitized by the DeadSoxy team and developed.

The winning socks and their creators are:

Fox and Sprinkles, designed by Janessa, age 7, who says, “I wanted to be creative and make sprinkles rain from the sky, and I like it because the fox’s name is Sprinkles. Real life is cool, but kind of boring. On my sock there’s a world where it rains sprinkles. Sprinkles go on cupcakes and cakes, and sprinkles are a treat. I wanted my sock to be a treat.” 

Musical Notes, designed by Julius, age 12, who says, “I just really love music!! That’s all!!”

Superhero, designed by AnaLaura, age 12, who says, “This is a kid superhero, who is actually standing on the ground. But, in his mind, he’s flying in the clouds. Superheroes don’t have to have special powers, they just have to help people. Like people who save a cat, or people who are policemen, or just being kind to others.” 

The socks can be purchased for $20 per pair through the DeadSoxy website. Fifty percent of the socks' proceeds go back to Vogel Alcove’s programs and services.

"Our mission is to also help educate a new audience to the programs and services of Vogel Alcove," DeadSoxy says on its website.

Vogel Alcove provides developmental, educational, and therapeutic services to children and families affected by homelessness. Using a “two-generational” approach to solving homelessness, it says, services are provided to families through the early childhood education program and Parent Opportunity Department. All services are provided for free, in a safe and nurturing school environment.

Since 1987, the agency has served more than 16,000 Dallas-area homeless children.

"We’re on a mission to help young children, and their families, overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness," the organization says. "It is our vision that every child in our community has a home, a self-sufficient family, and a foundation for success in school and life."