Magic Mirror

NorthPark Center store turns on tricked-out mirrors only found in New York

NorthPark store turns on tricked-out mirrors only found in New York

Interactive mirror at Polo Ralph Lauren
Dallas is the second store to get Polo Ralph Lauren's new interactive mirrors. Photo courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren

UPDATE: This location of Polo Ralph Lauren has closed.


Polo Ralph Lauren is determined to make the dreaded dressing room experience much more pleasurable for both shoppers and sales associates, and it's doing so with brand-new technology. Through full-size, touch-screen mirrors, the brand has brought together the convenience of online shopping and the personal touch that only happens inside a real store.

These interactive mirrors, a collaboration with Oak Labs, first debuted at Polo Ralph Lauren's Fifth Avenue flagship store during Black Friday. Dallas is No. 2 on the list for this fanciness, as it just debuted at the brand's NorthPark Center location.

But how cool can a mirror be? Very cool, it turns out.

It starts with the lighting, which is adjustable to three flattering settings: "Fifth Avenue Daylight," "East Hampton Sunset," and "Evening at the Polo Bar." That first step is meant to be an accessible intro into using the touch-screen mirror, which also allows you to select a language.

The mirror also detects which items you have brought into the fitting room, displaying them on the screen. This nifty feature allows you to see what other colors the garments might come in, along with suggested outfit pairings and accessories. And if you need another size, simply send your request to an associate on the floor.

These mirrors are designed to make employees' lives easier too, because requests are delivered instantly to the iPads they're carrying, identifying where in the store or stockroom the item is located. If it's out of stock or online only, the order can be placed right then. Those iPads also signal to the shopper that her request has been received, bringing up the smiling face of the associate who's on the hunt for that sundress.

And if after all that you're still not sure about putting down your credit card? Send a list of what you tried on directly to your phone, so you can decide later what makes it into your shopping bag.

Polo Ralph Lauren is a brand as rooted in digital innovation as is it fashion, as evidenced by its holographic runway shows and development of interactive, shoppable, and holographic store windows. It also has a first-of-its-kind fitness smartshirt that measures biometrics and translates data into personalized workout routines.