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Dallas pants company forecasts dreaded return of zippers and buttons

Dallas pants company forecasts dreaded return of zippers and buttons

haggar pants
OMG, pants with zippers and belts, and shirts with ties. Photo courtesy of Haggar Clothing

It's good news on the coronavirus front, with greater availability of vaccines and a decrease in the number of cases tallied daily.

But there's bad news on the pants front: According to a release from Haggar Clothing Co., the Dallas-based apparel company known for its dress pants, there's been an increase in sales of dress wear.

Goodbye comfy stretchy sweats. Hello buttons, zippers, and belts.

Haggar is trying to put a good spin on it by touting products such as its Cool Right Performance Flex Pant, featuring four-way stretch fabrics, comfort waistbands, moisture-wicking properties, wash & wear products, and eco-friendly yarns.

Thank you for your efforts, Haggar, but the numbers don't lie.

Haggar has experienced a substantial sales increase in suits, dress pants, and khaki products. Sales in March 2021 were 58 percent higher than in February, and nationwide purchases of Haggar products over the last two weeks were within 10 percent of pre-pandemic numbers.

According to the release, traffic in retail stores and sales of Haggar products have rebounded earlier than expected with numbers that approach, or even exceed, their 2019 sales.

Haggar has 30-plus retail locations, a direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform, and its products are sold in more than 10,000 stores across the U.S.

Haggar President and CEO Michael Stitt says in a statement that "weddings, graduations, and other events that were once postponed are now being planned, creating a sales surge for jackets, dress pants, and khakis. Our data and sales results tell us that people are growing confident about going out and are feeling the need to socialize."

What next? Shoes with laces? Socks? Shirts with ties? Bras?

At the very least, after the past year of wearing stretchy clothes, these new business pants with zippers and buttons are going to require a manual to explain how they work.

No question, people can't wait to get back to normal — but can't sweats be officially proclaimed the new business casual?

But PS, it gets worse. According to Vox, one of the most unforgiving clothing items known to mankind is back: Low-rise jeans are supposedly cool again.