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Wild new jewelry shop shoots into Dallas as 'high-end Drybar for ear piercing'

New jewelry shop shoots into Dallas as 'high-end Drybar for piercing'

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So many pretty things for the ears. Facebook/Ylang 23

UPDATE 6-29-2021: The store will open on Thursday, July 8, a spokeswoman says. (Don't believe Google search results that list "existing" days and hours.)


Setting out to prove that opposites attract in the world of personal expression, the new jewelry boutique Wildlike is promising to "marry the rough edge of tattoo and piercing culture with the coolness and grace of fashion" when it debuts at Dallas’ Shops of Highland Park next month.

Aiming to create a unique new luxury piercing and shopping experience, a release says, the concept comes from Alysa Teichman, second-generation owner of longtime Dallas jewelry boutique Ylang 23. She's been testing piercing in her own store since 2017 and is ready to branch out on her own.

"After the idea to create a high-end 'Drybar for ear piercing' had been percolating for several years, Alysa used her down time during a very wild 2020 to put pen to paper and give it a shot," the release says.

Wildlike will not only pierce ears, but will offer a well-edited selection of piercing-specific jewelry, including designs by BVLA, Pamela Love, Maria Tash, Kismet by Milka, and an in-house brand.

The 1,200-square-foot space — created by designer Swoon Studios and architect B. Russo Designs — will include a selling floor, three piercing rooms, a styling bar, and a lounge/waiting area for gathering, they say. A bright, feminine color palette will be offset with terrazzo flooring and incorporate distinctive Wildlike flourishes, such as the designs featured in their signature piercing studs.  

Alysa Teichman says she'll draw on her family's success with Ylang 23, which her parents, Joanne and Charles Teichman, founded in 1985.

She wants Wildlike to be the safest, most reliable place to get an ear piercing with high-end jewelry, she says. But beyond safety, she wants customers to feel the joy of selecting new, unique jewelry to wear.

“Experiential retail and ear piercing have long been drivers behind Ylang 23’s success, as well as personal passions," she says. "As the retail landscape continues to evolve, I see this focus on experience and service as the future."

The name "Wildlike," she says, is meant to represent the broad appeal of piercing, an experience that appeals to everyone on the continuum from “wild to like.”

It's something she has a bit of personal experience with, having 16 piercings on her ears herself.

"Piercing is an amazing self-expression tool, and I think this concept will be so well-received in Dallas and beyond," she says.

Teichman told WWD that she's scouting locations in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles for future stores, and there's been interest from Atlanta and Nashville, too.

Wildlike Dallas will open around June 20 at 4218 Oak Lawn Ave., and will launch an appointment booking portal and e-commerce site in tandem with its debut. Watch the store's Instagram page for updates.