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New Dallas company makes jeans for men with trendy old-school technique

New Dallas company makes men's jeans using trendy old-school technique

Mobley Denim Tag
Mobley Denim is a men's jeans company headquartered in Dallas. Photo courtesy of Jenna Routh Photography
Mobley Denim Hat
Mobley Denim's hat bears a Texas applique. Photo courtesy of Jenna Routh Photography
Mobley Denim Tag
Mobley Denim Hat

A new Dallas company, Mobley Denim, has a pair of jeans designed for men who appreciate quality textiles, great design, and a made-in-America ethos.

"No crazy stitching, no crazy back pocket designs, we wanted to keep it very classic and simple," says founder Andrew Mobley.

The Mobley Denim line is distinguished by its use of selvedge denim, an old-fashioned, high-quality technique in which the fabric is woven all the way to edges, so it's less likely to fray.

Mobley is one of a number of companies beginning to embrace selvedge denim. It harkens back to a time before the 1950s when denim was made differently: on shuttle looms that created one-yard-wide strips of fabric, with woven edges that prevented fraying or curling up on the edges.

When jeans became more popular, manufacturers like Levis switched to machines that output wider swatches of fabric for a lower cost, producing cheaper jeans.

Mobley gets its selvedge denim from industry legend Cone Denim Mills in North Carolina, which has been making denim since 1891. The jeans are then stitched together in Los Angeles.

Its jeans have a conservative slim fit, tapered enough to give a tailored look, but not skin-tight. There’s extra room for comfort; you can carry your keys in one pocket and your phone in another without compromise.

Mobley launched the company via a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $15,000, but for now sales are online only. Prices are on par with or slightly cheaper than the designer equivalent; a pair of jeans is $170, and a denim hat is $55.

A Dallas native, Mobley felt it important to be headquartered here. "We want to become a brand that represents Dallas," he says. "It's a cool place and a great location for young people and young brands."