Stylemaker Awards 2016 Dallas
Meet the Stylemaker Finalists

Behind the scenes at a photo shoot with 6 Dallas style authorities

Behind the scenes at a photo shoot with 6 Dallas style authorities

We’re down to the final six in our third annual CultureMap Stylemaker Awards, in which we celebrate the most fashionable men and women in Dallas. From the 12 semifinalists, you decided who would make it this far.

Now that we’ve reached the finals, you must vote again, this time to determine the readers’ choice winner. You can vote once a day, every day, until October 19 at 11:59 pm.

Then, on October 20, we celebrate all six finalists at the big reveal party at Tootsies. (Naturally you want to reserve your spot for that.) For the party, they put their styling skills to good use, creating fall looks with clothing and accessories pulled from retailers at the Plaza at Preston Center, our Stylemaker Awards partner.

In preparation for the big reveal, we spent a day in the studio with our six finalists, photographer Hoyoung Lee, and hair and makeup artist Chad Rogers of Jean-Philippe Salon. In between primping and posing, we got their fashion advice on what’s hot (velvet, fur, and chokers), what’s not (untucked shirts, apparently), and the secrets to looking so perfectly put-together every day.

Watch the video to go behind the scenes at the photo shoot, and get to know the finalists a little better.

Here is more of what they had to say while on set:

Mark Deuber, 48
Plastic surgeon
Instagram: @drmarkdeuber
How he describes his style: It's pretty eclectic. I like to mix patterns and colors, and I think I'm a little bold and aggressive. I don't like to look like everyone else. 
One trend he is so over: I've never really bought into guys walking around with their button-down shirts untucked. I'm guilty of it sometimes too, but I like to be a little neater than that!
One fashion item he can't live without: Suede shoes.
On shopping for his wife, Cary Deuber: She hates to shop for herself, and if I left her to her own devices, I think she'd just wear workout clothes all day long. And she looks great in workout clothes,  but I think she looks great in dresses and funky things. ... I've had a big influence on her style, but I think she's an eclectic dresser and tends to stand out too.

Shay Geyer, 38
Owner and designer, IBB Design Fine Furnishings
Instagram: @designershay
Fashion item she can't live without: A great pair of black pants. And when you find a great pair, buy multiples of them.
One trend she is so over: I don't like the sort of homeless look — just rolled out of bed,  you haven't put much thought or effort into yourself. And I like the clean classic bun, but the messy knot bun, I'm over that hairstyle. 
How she describes her style: I have a pretty classic aesthetic. I like nice things, and same thing with interiors I think as with fashion — you buy the best you can afford, so those pieces will last the test of time. And you can mix in those timeless pieces with the trendier jewelry or shoes. 

Chris Hite, 44
Stylist and senior managing partner, J. Hilburn 
Fall trend he's looking forward to: I'm excited about a lot of monochromatic looks that we're seeing. Lots of tan tones and beiges, along with cool grays and blues.
One trend he is so over: The untucked shirt. I think it's passed.
Fashion advice: Have your own style. Fashion and trends are one one thing, but distinctive qualities that define who you are and things that you really like, whether they're en vogue that season or not, are really important to making a gentleman's style his own.

Ekaterina Kouznetsova, 23
​Entrepreneur; founder, Our New Monarch
Instagram: @czarina_ekaterina
One trend she's so over: Culottes — they are an abomination of a skirt. 
How she describes her style: It's feminine, modern, and simple.
Fashion item she can't live without: A giant skirt with a tiny waist.

Brittanie Buchanan Oleniczak, 37
​Media sales director, Southwest Carol Orr & Co.
Instagram: @brittanieoleniczak
Fall trend she's looking forward to: Velvet. I have some velvet blazers that I'm excited about. And also chokers. I have some from the '90s that I'll be pulling out again.
How she describes her style: My style is a good mix between masculine and feminine. I like feminine dresses, but then with a motorcycle jacket. Or I like a feminine blouse with a blazer, or incorporating more masculine accessories with feminine dresses or blouses or skirts. 
Fashion item she can't live without: My husband; he's my mancessory. Other than him, my classic Chanel caviar handbag. It's my go-to, and my husband actually proposed to me with it, and my ring was inside. So both of those together, I can't live without either one.

Guillermo Tragant, 43
Creative director/principal, Richards Lerma
Instagram: @guilletragant
Fall trend he's looking forward to: It's a little controversial, but fur.
One trend he's so over: Sweatpants.
Fashion advice: Be yourself and dress your age.


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Ekaterina Kouznetsova
Ekaterina Kouznetsova Photo by Hoyoung Lee
Guillermo Tragant
Guillermo Tragant Photo by Hoyoung Lee
Chris Hite
Chris Hite Photo by Hoyoung Lee
Mark Deuber
Mark Deuber Photo by Hoyoung Lee
Brittanie Buchanan Oleniczak
Brittanie Buchanan Oleniczak Photo by Hoyoung Lee
Shay Geyer
Shay Geyer Photo by Hoyoung Lee
Ekaterina Kouznetsova
Guillermo Tragant
Chris Hite
Mark Deuber
Brittanie Buchanan Oleniczak
Shay Geyer