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3 Dallas-Fort Worth cities rank as top-50 places for renters in the U.S.

3 Dallas-Fort Worth cities rank as top-50 places for renters in U.S.

Uptown Dallas apartments with skyline
Dallas just barely made the cut, landing at No. 49 out of 50. HIgs2006/Getty Images

It might be hard to believe given the ever-rising prices of everything these days — including rent — but a new survey shows that three cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are among the best 50 places for renters in 2022.

In its new ranking of the top U.S. cities for renters in 2022, RentCafe places Plano at No. 13. A little further down the list, Fort Worth ranks as No. 20, and Dallas just barely makes the cut, at No. 49. 

To come up with the ranking, RentCafe analyzed 17 factors, including measurements related to cost of living, quality of rental housing, economic strength, and quality of life. The rental platform reviewed data for hundreds of cities before arriving at 115 contenders.

Plano, according to RentCafe, comes in 13th place in terms of "local economy," making it “very appealing” to renters. Median renter income there is an impressive $78,706, and job growth is at 7.4 percent, while unemployment is at 4 percent, the survey says.

Elsewhere in Texas, the Austin suburb of Round Rock comes it a No. 1 on the list. A dozen of the cities in the study’s top 50 are in Texas:

  • Round Rock, No. 1
  • Conroe, No. 3
  • Austin, No. 10
  • Plano, No. 13
  • San Antonio, No. 18
  • Houston, No. 19
  • Fort Worth, No. 20
  • Lubbock, No. 21
  • Amarillo, No. 23
  • Odessa, No. 39
  • San Marcos, No. 41
  • Dallas, No. 49

“Small cities tend to offer the best life for renters, representing half of our top 50 — despite the fact that some people might expect larger cities to suit renters’ needs the best. In fact, many of these smaller cities are suburbs of large metros and are often clustered in the Southern and Southeastern United States,” RentCafe explains. “What they all have in common is a healthy pace of new apartment construction and a great selection of amenity-rich properties.”