Cookie Dough

Cookie dough dessert shop sugars up Dallas' sweetest neighborhood

Cookie dough dessert shop sugars up Dallas' sweetest neighborhood

Cookie Doh
Cookie dough trend is rising in Dallas. Photo courtesy of Cookie Doh

Dallas has welcomed a mindbending array of weird cool dessert concepts in the past year and now the moment has arrived for cookie dough. A new shop will open this spring in Deep Ellum called Cookie Doh, serving up desserts that revolve around cookie dough.

Lest you think there are not many cookie dough desserts, we are here to list some of the options. There is cookie dough by the scoop. Cookie dough served like ice cream in an ice cream cone. Cookie dough milkshakes. Cookie dough ice cream sandwiches.

Cookie Doh will open at 2646 Elm St., right next to Chills 360, the rolled ice cream spot, and is in fact from Usman and Javeria Babar, the husband-and-wife team who own Chills 360.

"We saw cookie dough places in New York, where people were waiting for hours to try it, and thought it was a good idea," Usman says. "With Javi's pastry chef skills, we knew we could pull it off."

They'll offer at least a dozen flavors such as Nutella, chocolate chip, and Oreo.

"The routine is similar to Chills in that we start with a dough and mix in the ingredients you pick," he says. "If you get it in a cup or a cone, we can also add toppings like fresh strawberries."

There's also a cool specialty item in which balls of cookie dough are encased in a milk chocolate shell, like cookie dough bonbons.

A few of the doughs will include ultra-pasteurized eggs, but regardless of recipe, they will all be served chilled. The dough can also be bought in large quantities, in a tub, to be taken home and baked off into cookies.

Already home to a doughnut shop, candy shop, milkshake shop, and of course Chills 360 right next door, Deep Ellum seemed like the ideal location, Babar says.

"People are always walking around, and we've seen at Chills 360 that there's a big audience for desserts," he says.