Buttery BBQ Buns

Dickey's Barbecue butters up diners with limited-edition sandwich

Dickey's Barbecue butters up diners with limited-edition sandwich

Dickey's cornbread sandwich
Those are some sandwiches on Dickey's cornbread buns. Photo courtesy of Dickey's

Never mind the pretzel roll. Dickey's Barbecue has another sandwich bread in the oven. The Dallas-based barbecue chain has introduced a new line of "buttery cornbread buns," and they're taking off like hotcakes. Hotcakes, I tell ya.

Dickey's offers two sandwich options served on these new buttery cornbread buns:

  • Spicy chicken sandwich features a chicken breast smothered in a fiery blend of Dickey's original barbecue sauce and Texas Pete hot sauce. Fiery!
  • Sweet pork cornbread sandwich has pulled pork with Dickey's sweet barbecue sauce. Sweet.

"Our new buttery cornbread sandwiches have been very well received," said president/CEO Roland Dickey Jr. in a release. By well received, he means that sandwich sales have surged by 20 percent since the buttery cornbread buns were introduced in late December. Sales of chicken sandwiches are up more than 300 percent. (Guess the pork isn't doing as well.)

"We're so excited," says spokesperson Jami Zimmerman. "We've been serving barbecue sandwiches since 1941, and we often do discounted sandwiches or limited-time offers. But this year we decided to try something new, with a premium sandwich made on a cornbread bun."

A buttery cornbread bun. Cornbread seemed like the obvious choice, she says.

"We had cornbread, but we came out with a new recipe for a cornbread bun," she says. "It's our take on new bread twists like the pretzel bun or the ciabatta bun. But Texas barbecue is definitely best done on a corn bread roll."

Fans can vote for their favorite at www.dickeys.com/spicyorsweet for a chance to win free barbecue for a year. But the clock on these buttery cornbread bun sandwiches is ticking: They'll only be available at Dickey's 370-plus locations in 43 states through March.