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Texas grocery chain H-E-B places temporary limits on food and supplies

Texas grocery chain H-E-B places temporary limits on food and supplies

H-E-B MacGregor Market
Won't it be nice when grocery stores are fully stocked again? Photo by Dave Rossman

As Texas residents slowly venture out to replace their pantries, thousands are being met with empty grocery store shelves, ransacked by desperate shoppers.

To that end, Texas grocery chain H-E-B has implemented temporary purchase limits on certain items, including in all Dallas-Fort Worth stores. The San Antonio-based company reports in a February 19 press release that its stores “are in strong supply” and “continue to restock products daily.”

Fortunately, these restrictions do not apply to Central Market stores, which are owned by H-E-B. All Central Market stores in DFW are now back open for business, with limited stock that varies by store. In at least one local Central Market, water is limited to two packs per person.

"Central Markets will place limits on items as demand requires," a spokeswoman for Central Market says. "See each store for specific details."

Here are the limits shoppers can expect at H-E-B stores:

Food items

  • Water Gallons – Limit 2
  • Water multipack – Limit 2
  • Baby Water Gallons – Limit 2
  • Baby Water multipack – Limit 2
  • Eggs – Limit 2
  • Milk – Limit 2
  • Bread – Limit 2
  • Ice – Limit 2
  • Charcoal – Limit 2

Non-food items 

  • Propane Tanks – Limit 2
  • Aerosol disinfectant sprays – 2 items
  • (Isopropyl) Alcohol swabs – 2 items
  • First Aid and Cleaning Gloves – 2 items
  • Trial & Travel Size Disinfectant Wipes/Sprays – Limit 2

H-E-B notes that it is doing its part to conserve power. “From our manufacturing facilities to our stores and administrative offices, we’ve drastically reduced all non-essential power such as lighting and HVAC set points,” the release says.

Importantly, curbside and home delivery orders have been canceled, but representatives hope to resume those operations as soon as possible. H-E-B’s pharmacies will be open according to store hours.

Customers are also encouraged to bring their own shopping bags, as stores are seeing a low inventory of bags.


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