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Chinese restaurant checks out at Dallas' Trinity Groves, pls send noods

Chinese restaurant checks out at Dallas' Trinity Groves, send noods

Chino Chinatown at Trinity Groves in Dallas
They did fun street food and were one of the longest-running concepts. Chino Chinatown at Trinity Groves/Facebook

One of the longest running restaurants at Trinity Groves has come to an end: Chino Chinatown, the Chinese-Latin fusion spot which had been in business in the West Dallas restaurant incubator since 2013, closed on February 16, and will be replaced by another Asian concept.

A sign posted on the door says "Chino Chinatown will be closed due to maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank You, Management."

But savvy restaurant watchers know that "maintenance" has become a code word for, "never coming back."

Chino originally opened as the Asian-Latin fusion restaurant from chef-owner Uno Immanivong, who had appeared on a number of TV shows including ABC's The Taste, where she competed on Anthony Bourdain's team.

For Chino, she drew from an unusual source of inspiration: the Chinatown neighborhoods in South America that were home to Chinese immigrants.

Dishes included duckfat yucca fries with sriracha ketchup, ahi tuna nachos, street corn, kung pao chicken, shaken beef noodles, orange chicken, and duck confit tacos.

Immanivong left the restaurant in 2018 to launch her new concept, Red Stix Street Food, leaving the restaurant in the hands of Trinity Groves founder Phil Romano.

A spokesperson says that Chino will be replaced by another Asian restaurant, but one with some fresh and ultra-trendy new angles — including that buzziest of concepts, hand-pulled noodles.

"It'll be completely reconcepted into an Asian restaurant with handmade dumplings and hand-pulled noodles, and they have a chef who's a 40-year-veteran in Chinese cuisine," the spokesperson says. "There isn't a name to share, but the estimated opening will be in April."

"Chino had a good run, but the original idea at Trinity Groves was to change out the concepts — that hasn't been done for a while, but it's something they're getting back into," the spokesperson says.