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New Dallas dessert shop fluffs Lakewood with shaved ice

New Dallas dessert shop fluffs Lakewood with shaved ice

Chocolate shaved ice from Snowbaby
Hey baby, you look cool. Snowbaby/Facebook

A new dessert shop is bringing an extra creamy rendition of shaved ice to the center of Lakewood. Called Snowbaby, it will open 6404 Gaston Ave., at the intersection of Abrams Road, two doors down from the old Dixie House, in what was previously the Sports Clips hair cut spot.

According to a release, Snowbaby owner Chrissy Kuo was inspired by Taiwanese shaved ice, a trend popular all over Asia. Her shaved ice includes not just water but also milk.

Other shops use powdered creamers, artificial flavoring, coloring, and sweeteners in their ingredients and toppings. Kuo says she uses ingredients that are as fresh and healthy as possible.

Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, coconut, and a rotating flavor.

Snowbaby's creamy shaved ice is formed from thinly shaved flavored ice sheets, layered like the airy texture of freshly fallen snow. It's served with fresh fruit and toppings such as granola and nuts, then drizzled with sweetened condensed milk.

Kuo is also partnering with local businesses to create flavors; for example, her coffee uses White Rock Coffee's cold brew. Cake bites and cookie crumbles are from Unrefined Bakery.

A Lakewood mom, Kuo says she wanted to do a dessert she could feed her kids without feeling guilty about the artificial ingredients.

"I want to stay far away from toppings that contain high fructose, artificially colored gummies, candies, and syrups," she says. The store celebrates a grand opening on March 10 at 1 pm.