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Deli-cafe at Irving's Toyota Music Factory boasts one-of-a-kind cachet

Deli-cafe at Irving's Toyota Music Factory boasts one-of-a-kind cachet

Nosh & Bottle
Got some nosh, got some bottle, good to go. Photo courtesy of Nosh & Bottle

Among the seemingly never-ending parade of eateries opening at the Toyota Music Factory is an intriguing new concept that's half eat-in, half to-go. Called Nosh & Bottle, it's a Mediterranean and New York-style deli and cafe, set to open in mid-April.

It's also independently owned. Owner Nancy Schachtner is an emigre to the Dallas-Fort Worth area with an entrepreneurial streak who missed the corner specialty markets she used to shop at when she lived in San Francisco and other cities around the world.

The store will sell all kinds of gourmet goods,  including meats, cheeses, snacks, fine wines, and craft beer.

"It's something you take for granted in a lot of metropolitan areas, that little corner market with fancy little nibbles and some treats," she says.

She sees a market like this as part of the fabric of cities that are walkable. "I moved to Los Colinas, and the Toyota Music Factory excited me because it'll get a lot of people walking and going to events," she says.

As she observed restaurants getting added, she noted that the lineup lacked the thing she wanted the most.

"I live down the street, and I wanted to have a place to go like that rather than a big sit-down meal," she says. "It's always been my lifestyle that on my way home from work, maybe I have a drinkand grab some food at a store like Dean & DeLuca, where you go around picking up whatever sounds good."

The market will offer deli sandwiches, nosh boards, charcuterie plates, cheeses, and wine pairings – "some tastes from around the world, wth a strong Napa flavor," she says.

The chef is Michael Vaccaro, who came from Arizona to open the place.

The menu includes breakfast burritos, wraps, salads, and sandwiches.

There's a roast beef with Swiss cheese on a hoagie roll. There are melts: turkey melt, ham, bacon and Brie, and a buffalo chicken melt with bleu cheese. There are classic subs such as meatball and sausage and peppers.

There are wraps and salads including chicken salad, Caprese with greens and mozzarella, Mediterranean chicken with hummus and olives, spinach and arugula, and Greek salad.

There are also dry goods, snacks, wine, and beer.

"Eatzi's would be a good comparison, but I'd like to think we're stocking some things you can't find anywhere else, and we'll rotate our selection to keep things updated and fresh," she says. "I can't recall seeing anyone stock items from Vermont Caramel Co. We're working one-on-one with shops that don't have big retail distribution outside their area. That's the benefit of our scale, is that we can connect with vendors like that."