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One Arts Plaza reveals new restaurant concept starring Dallas mixologist

One Arts Plaza reveals restaurant concept starring Dallas mixologist

Paws on the Plaza
One Arts Plaza will be the site of a new restaurant this summer called Proof + Pantry. Photo by Conner Howell
Dallas bartender Michael Martensen
Proof + Pantry will have an original bar program created by Michael Martensen. Photo by Hoyoung Lee
Paws on the Plaza
Dallas bartender Michael Martensen

Acting quickly to correct the impression that its location is the most jinxed of all, One Arts Plaza has announced one of the three mysterious restaurant concepts alluded to after the recent shuttering of The Greek.

Taking over The Greek space is Proof + Pantry, a restaurant-bar whose most recognizable name is mixologist Michael Martensen. It's described as a "multifaceted" American restaurant and bar featuring progressive, yet approachable American fare along with a diverse and original bar program. Multifaceted, that's new.

Other descriptors include "simplicity and sophistication," "clean flavors," and "inspiration from seasonality and global cuisine." Dishes will range from $10 to $30. The design will be "industrial rustic pantry" lined with shelving, rusted metals, distressed wood accents and tile.

Scheduled opening date is summer 2014.

Martensen is partnered with Sal Jafar II, who co-founded Oak Cliff seafood restaurant Driftwood, in a new concept development, management and operations company called Misery Loves Co. What a straight line that is.

"The Proof + Pantry team is incredibly talented, and their menu is one you could dine on every night," says Lucy Burns of Billingsley Company, owner of One Arts Plaza.

"Working with Billingsley Company continues to be a fantastic partnership, and we believe we’re bringing something that truly pairs well with the Arts District and its community," serenades Jafar. They're like Peaches & Herb.

Meanwhile, we're still looking forward to the "few new exciting concepts" that Burns hinted at in March after The Greek closure. "Some are new to Dallas and others new concepts from established local operators," she said.