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New bar revives Uptown location as a gathering place for the neighbors

New bar revives Uptown location as a gathering place for the neighbors

The world of Uptown restaurants and bars is an ever-changing one, which brings us to Next Door Uptown, a new bar-kitchen opening in late summer at 2908 McKinney Ave., in the space that was most previously Three Sheets and before that Pozo Mercado.

Next Door comes from the same folks who own Avenu, which is just two doors down, and Landmark, a restaurant-bar in Fort Worth with games and a big patio.

Operator Sam Sameni says that they came by the former Pozo space while in the process of searching for something else.

"We're having a lot of fun with Landmark in Fort Worth right now. It's a big indoor-outdoor bar and kitchen, and it's doing really well," he says. "We've been looking to see if we could open another Landmark in Dallas, when this space became available. It's too small to do a Landmark, so we decided to do this project instead."

He says they don't have too many details to share yet, but it'll be a bar-restaurant combination with an emphasis on bar.

"It's a friendly neighborhood bar and kitchen," he says. "It'll have a small menu with shareable small bites. The menu will be cocktail-friendly, not too many heavy items.

"The whole purpose is to complement drinking and gathering and socializing, rather than a destination restaurant. That seems to be the trend these days. People going out is becoming more of a social thing rather than going out for dinner. It's been vice versa until recently."

They've already started to work on renovations. "We're making some big changes," he says. "We're going to give it more of an open feel and not such a dark room."

Meanwhile, the search continues for a bigger space. "We'd still like to do another Landmark, but right now in Uptown, it's hard to find good space," he says. "We haven't stopped looking." 

Pozo Mercado
The Uptown Dallas space that was once Pozo Mercado will be home to a new club. Photo courtesy of Pozo Mercado