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Chef Misti Norris' limited-run restaurant in downtown Dallas is now open

Chef Misti Norris' limited-run restaurant in downtown Dallas is open

Chef Misti Norris
Chef Misti Norris has a big foodie following. Photo courtesy of Misti Norris

If you want to know where all the foodies are gonna be, it's in downtown Dallas where acclaimed chef Misti Norris is opening a temporary restaurant at the AT&T Discovery District.

Called Stepchild, it describes itself as an Acadian/French-inspired restaurant "with a focus on seasonality, art and French Hip Hop," LOL, and it's a temporary restaurant from the chef and owner of Petra & the Beast in East Dallas.

According to a spokesperson, it's opening on June 24.

Stepchild is located in The Second Floor space and is part of a new rotating chef concept called Attalie. Norris was originally scheduled to preside over the space from June to July, but that will be extended "indefinitely," the spokesperson says.

The talker on the opening menu is the 5-day aged Koji brined chicken, battered and fried, with rolls and gravy, enough to serve 4 to 6 people, must pre-order 72 hours in advance, for the amazing price of $200.

Other entrees include bone-in pork chop, A Bar tri-tip, and two vegetable-based dishes: trumpet mushroom with morel ragout, and embered okra with tomato, pickled okra, and "jasmoon" rice.

Starters include:

  • confit frog legs
  • duck boudin
  • summer tomato salad
  • crab butter
  • French onion soup
  • garlic soup

Desserts include a peach tart and a chocolate-black-banana cake.

A half dozen cocktails include classics with a twist such as a Vieux Carre, a "Deja Vu" with vodka and espresso, and a frozen framboise.

There's also a dozen-or-so wines by the bottle and the glass, heavy on selections from Europe, with some interesting French chardonnay and Bordeaux.

You can make your reservation on, it's open Thursday-Sundays for dinner.

Norris opened Petra and the Beast in 2018, and it has won numerous awards including Best New Restaurant in 2019 by Bon Appetit. Norris also won Best Chef of the Year in CultureMap's 2019 Tastemaker Awards, although for some reason she does not list this in her little bio and yet does list that Petra won a Best Charcuterie award. I mean, I feel like a Best Chef beats a Best Charcuterie hands-down but I'm probably biased towards the Tastemaker Awards for probably obvious reasons.

Attalie is part of a recent shakeup on the part of the AT&T Discovery District, that also included the addition of Easy Slider, the slider-centric concept from Caroline Perini and Miley Holmes; and Birdie, a fried chicken concept featuring chef Joshua Harmon.