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Tex-Mex import on Addison's restaurant row closes

Tex-Mex import on Addison's restaurant row closes

T Blanco's Mexican Cantina
Farewell fried avocado, we loved you but not enough. Photo courtesy of T Blanco's

After a mere four months, an out-of-town Tex-Mex eatery has closed its doors. T. Blanco's Mexican Cantina, a Mexican restaurant concept from Longview that opened in Addison in February, closed. A company spokesperson confirmed that the closure happened on June 30, stating that "the Addison location had to close, but Longview is still doing well."

As often seems to be the case, the restaurant was still posting cheery Facebook updates as recently as three days before the closure.

T. Blanco's opened in what most people will remember as the Sambuca space, at 15207 Addison Rd. At one point it was also a branch of Buttons, the Fort Worth restaurant. While it's part of Addison's restaurant row, it is not actually on Belt Line Road, which could be viewed as a liability.

A spin-off of the Longview original, T. Blanco's boasted more of a scratch gourmet kitchen than your average Tex-Mex, with everything made in-house.

The signature dish was its fried avocado, an avocado stuffed with meat and jack cheese, then deep-fried and served with a creamy jalapeño sauce. It also featured fajitas and steak served with an avocado butter.

Owner was Thomas White and his sons, Hunter White and Mason White, along with partner Carson Sample.

At the time of the opening, White said he was always passionate about food and creating an exceptional atmosphere. A bit of a Renaissance man, he designed the restaurant interior and chose the photos that hung on the wall — images he took in his travels to Mexico.