Potato Goes Flat

Trinity Groves restaurant closes despite good reviews and media love

Trinity Groves restaurant closes despite good reviews and media love

Potato Flats
No more Potato Flats at Trinity Groves. Facebook/Potato Flats

After a year, the spud-themed Potato Flats in Trinity Groves has closed. A spokesperson for the restaurant said that Trinity Groves wasn't the right location fit.

Something else is in the works for the 2,500-square-foot location, to be revealed at a later date.

"As a fast-casual restaurant, Potato Flats is best suited to a traditional pad site or other location that will allow for a quicker dining experience and/or drive-through capabilities," said the spokesperson in a statement.

Potato Flats opened in July 2014, a unique concept from Trinity Groves founder Phil Romano, featuring potatoes topped with ingredients including meat and vegetables. Service style was patterned after Chipotle, with customers walking down a line and specifying what they wanted.

Suggested combos included a Thanksgiving theme with turkey, gravy, vegetables and cranberry sauce. Fried options included a Mexican version with jalapeño, cilantro, pepper jack and salsa; and an Italian version with olive oil, oregano and Parmesan. There were also soups, a salad and a sandwich.

The potatoes — white, sweet or half-and-half — were flattened with special presses. The flattened potato was then topped with ingredients of the customer's choice.

The prices were low, and the concept got plenty of press and positive reviews. If it had a shortcoming, it was the limited hours: 11 am to 3 pm.

But it seems likely it will surface elsewhere.

"Potato Flats and its owner-partners have had a number of inquiries from potential investors who believe this is a winning concept and are interested in helping us expand to more typical fast-casual settings," the statement said. "We will continue those discussions with the goal of opening new Potato Flats restaurants in DFW or elsewhere in 2016."