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Belgian bar grabs Greenville Ave address just vacated by Cajun seafood

Belgian bar grabs Greenville Ave address just vacated by Cajun seafood

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Beer is coming to Lower Greenville. Getty Images

The dust has barely settled on the departure of Ragin' Crab, a Cajun seafood restaurant nudged from its address at 2100 Greenville Ave., which now proudly has a sign advertising its new tenant: Meyboom Brasserie, a Belgium beer bar serving Belgian bites and beverages.

Co-owner Jeff Karetnick confirms that the restaurant-bar he and his wife April Segovia plan to take over the space.

"But we don't have any idea when we'll open — it depends on construction," he says.

Named for a parade that takes place in Brussels, Meyboom Brasserie has had a lengthy and complicated journey: The couple originally planned to open in the former San Francisco Rose on Lower Greenville in mid-2020.

That was delayed by the coronavirus. That caused some hiccups including parking issues. They decided to seek out a new location.

"This process took many months and countless nights learning about Dallas parking regulations, legal remedies and, of course, learning all this while drinking Belgian beer," they posted on social media. How cute they are! "In the end, we decided to move to a different location that would be able to accommodate the parking needs of our customers." Smart!

Ragin' Crab was a seafood restaurant and crab house that closed on July 1, letting diners know with a sad hand-scrawled message taped to the door that said, "Sorry we are not opened today - Manager."

The restaurant opened there on January 1, 2016, taking over the former rather sketchy Kush space spotlighting Louisiana-style boiled crab, plus shrimp, scallops, lobster, crawfish, and clams, as well as Cajun dishes and an oyster bar.

The restaurant was a sister concept to Hibashi Teppan Grill & Sushi Bar in North Dallas, from restaurateurs Steven Sohn and Tiger Park.

Closing in July seemed like odd timing, especially considering that the restaurant had stuck it through and remained open throughout the pandemic. A spokesperson said it was a lease issue (they'd been there five years), and they hope to reopen in a new location in Dallas by the fall.