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Dallas’ poshest new bar opens in a rather odd location

Dallas’ poshest new bar opens in a rather odd location

Robert Mondavi Wine Dinner
There are a lot worse things in life than having a glass of wine with your haircut. Photo courtesy of Cool River Cafe

A new bar is opening in Dallas in a location you might not expect: a hair salon. Called Osgood-O'Neil — the Loft, it will open on the second floor of the Osgood-O'Neil Hair Salon on Lovers Lane, where it will be a combination event space and bar that serves beer and wine.

"All three of our locations are commission salons," says salon manager Jennifer Simmons. "But we had a space at Lovers Lane that we hadn't utilized, and decided to create a rental space where stylists can rent a chair, even for a day. As part of that expansion, it seemed like it would be fun to do a little bar. Our owner loves beer and wine. But we'll also have cappuccinos and espresso drinks, and all kinds of stuff."

Osgood O’Neil, which opened its first salon in 1998, has outlets in Snider Plaza, Knox Street, and University Park. The chain, which does both hair and makeup, is noted for deluxe details such as fresh flowers and massage chairs.

It's not unheard of for salons to offer customers a complimentary glass of wine, but a salon that also houses an actual bar is a different thing, says manager Joncee Blake, who forecasts a soft opening at the beginning of August, with a grand opening event in September.

"It's a lease space for stylists and colorists, but what's different and unique about it is that it's also an event space," Blake says. "We can move out the stations and mirrors and host big shows with beauty brands, or provide a place for educators and international stylists who want to do a temporary residence."

The building it's in is a huge space with many old rooms. Fashion old-timers will recall that it was once home to Lou Lattimore, the iconic Dallas boutique that earned an international reputation for being among the first to sell designers like as Stephen Sprouse.

"This was probably an upstairs storage for the department store," Blake says.

The hours will be the same as the salon downstairs: 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday, and 10 am to 8 pm on Thursdays. They're still putting together a menu, but Blake says they want it to be unique.

"Not like the salons where they do a white wine or a cheap mimosa," she says. "We want to do several nice wines, good beers, espressos and cappuccinos, and some cocktails made with wines, including a good sangria. We'd like to provide something in the neighborhood for businesses nearby, where people can go and hang out for a minute."